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David Mikkola MPH RS

Please meet David Mikkola MPH RS, our Michigan food safety and Swimming Pool expert, and ServSafe Instructor and exam proctor. 


David has over 40 years of experience as an Environmental Health Sanitarian In Michigan.  

 He is our instructor and proctor for ServSafe for Michigan and our Plan review GURU!


In 2013, Dave published his first book about integral approaches to food service compliance entitled Environmental Noncompliance: A Sanitarian’s Search for a New System. 

Dave is also our blogger; let him know what Environmental health subjects you are interested in.  

you can reach David directly at


Click the image to Google it


Services and Solutions

Serv Safe instructor and proctor - either a full program or just the exam. (Michigan or New York)


Full Program? 8 hours on line (Zoom) or on site ($220 plus your book or on line exam seat)

Just the Exam? $125 for 4 hour block of review  including 2.5-3 hour exam. Available nearly every day of the week - however, you must preregister a week  ahead  and  the exam must be given in person


Employee Instruction - we will develop training materials specifically for you and/or teach your employees on site, your choice. $60 per employee including training materials (left with you)

Plan Review - Complete ($1000, start to finish) 

Problem solving - Solutions such as Standard Operating Procedures ($250), filling in for a vacant certified manager ($500/wk, $100/day), attendance at sanitary board meeting ($250), general consultation - prices negotiable

HACCP Plans and Standard Operating Procedures ($1000-1500 per plan)

Ask us! We'll work with you! 

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